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      Its that time of year again where fans of ACG culture gather at KLCC for Malaysia's largest and longest standing ACG event - Comic Fiesta. I've been attending now for the past 3 years and have noticed with each year that CF gets more and more visitors from around the world which is great as it gives me an opportunity to meet our fans from all over. […]
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      Covering Day 1 of AFA2014. This photo taken at the renovated section of Suntec with my team who will be waiting for you today. We sold out of Smart Dolls on Day 1 but are selling the display models for 550 SGD - you need to collect at the end of AFA. If you would prefer a new one though then you can still get in queue at smartdoll.jp and reserve one but you […]
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      Its that time of the year when the biggest anime/pop culture/anisong mega event takes place - Anime Festival Asia opens tomorrow to the public! Taking place at the Suntec Singapore Convention Center from the 5th - 7th December, AFA is your one stop venue for everything Japanese Pop Culture. Today was Day 0 when everything is setup and a load of industry folk […]
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Pictures near the Lake

Posted by OtakuMoose on May 12, 2009


Howdy Everyone,

Sometimes I get bored and decide to walk down to the lake near my house and take some pictures. Usually it’s just shots of the scenery, people, or animals. I really need to get motivated to take some figure pics down there one of these days. Anyway, I just thought I would share some of the pics I have taken. Enjoy.

This is the area where most people can be found fishing.

Speaking of fishing. I wonder what kind of book he’s holding?

One of the ducks that frequents the lake. It has a pretty annoying quack. -_-

I like the contrast between nature and the gear.

I think this looks pretty neat, or maybe it’s just me. :)

I think he may have had a little accident when he saw me! XD

I love how the amber colored water looks in this shot.

I have A LOT of pics I would like to upload, but my Internet hates me when it comes to uploading, so I’ll just leave it at these for now. ^_^


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